Ecclesia is a relational network of churches, leaders and movements that seek to equip, partner and multiply missional churches and movements.

Core Beliefs

We value the ancient roots of our faith. Soon after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the church began to develop a clearly articulated expression of what Christians believe. Various creeds and confessions emerged. The church struggled as a community to achieve a communal expression of the faith. This ultimately (but not exclusively) culminated in the […]

Core Values

The Kingdom of God The kingdom of God is the over-arching storyline of the Bible and it encompasses God’s ongoing activity, climaxing in Jesus and in partnership with His covenant community, to bring about the renewal of creation as all things inevitably become subjected to His will. Through Christ’s death at the hands of sin, […]

Donate / Give

You can give online to the Ecclesia Network using paypal:   Or Mailing Address: The Ecclesia Network PO Box D Grantham, PA 17027


At first, this dream started out as the hope of relationship with others who were on the “frontlines” of church planting in the Mid-Atlantic states. However, it was not long before other planters began to gather together with them from across the country and from countries throughout North America and the Western Hemisphere. All were […]

How to Join

Because Ecclesia is striving to be a relational network of churches, our process for joining reflects this value. Whether you’re an existing church or a new church plant, or even someone considering planting, as a first step you’ll need to be in relationship with others in the network. Our point person for those in existing […]

Our Work

Church & Movement Multiplication Consistent with our values, we believe that multiplying missional congregations is the foremost priority for a church network.  Our goal as a network is to support one another in the process of establishing imaginative gospel communities both locally and globally.  We work with new churches striving to become established and we […]


What if there was a community of entrepreneurial, creative churches and leaders who were on a collective mission to revolutionize the church and to reach our post-Christian culture?  What if we had a glocal family of committed friends who were traveling the uncertain path of ministry together?  What if that family provided a network of […]