How to Join

Because Ecclesia is striving to be a relational network of churches, our process for joining reflects this value.

Whether you’re an existing church or a new church plant, or even someone considering planting, as a first step you’ll need to be in relationship with others in the network.

Our point person for those in existing  churches who would like to know more about or be a part of Ecclesia is J.R. Briggs. Contact him here

If you are considering, but have not yet planted a church,  or are in the early stages of planting, and  would like to be a part of the network or know how we can join you in your journey, contact Mark Moore here.

Another great first step is to attend an Ecclesia Regional or National Gathering. Look through the churches involved and find out how who is near you.  Again, you may also send an email to us using the form on our website and we will give you a hand.