New Denver Church

Denver, CO

Denver is a great city. Thriving culture, amazing weather, and of course, magnificent scenery. But the people of Denver are great too, and we believe that God is extending his transforming grace and restoration to the thousands of people that call Denver home. We want to be part of that vision and mission, creating a local community of people who follow Jesus, embody his grace, and extend his love to the whole city.

The mission of New Denver Church is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We don’t believe a church is simply a building or set of programs but rather a community of people. Our prayer is that this new community of people will be known by their authentic relationships with one another and the way they share God’s love with the people of Denver. We also believe that those who have never been a part of a church like this should experience acceptance, grace, and ultimately, what it means to have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.”

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