Rhythm Church

Miami, Fl

Rhythm Church began brewing about three years before it was actually planted. That’s when a circle of friends in Miami began feeling that God was calling us to give birth to a fresh expression of the church in the future. The simple question we began with was, “What does it look like to follow Jesus in the place and time?”

“As one of our leaders headed off to seminary, we decided to meet up every six months or so for a retreat. We shared meals, laughed, caught up on stories, and pressed into God seeking vision about the future. When our church officially went “public” we met in a home for four months before moving into a church building next to the University of Miami. A handful of families within the community are in the process of relocating to this neighborhood. We want to commit to a people and a place. It seems everybody is into upward-mobility these days but we feel Jesus calling us to practice downward mobility; to live close enough to share possessions, have common prayer times, and help raise one another’s kids. We like the idea of a network of neighborhood churches working together – so once we have enough people coming to our church from another part of the city we’ll look at starting a neighborhood church there.

We chose the name Rhythm because that single word describes the sort of common life we’re seeking. Through daily and weekly practices we’re trying to align our lives to a common rhythm – a rhythm that’s in tune with God’s kingdom, that revolves around worship and mission, loving God and loving others. Rhythm is co-pastored by Keas Keasler and Matt Alexander.

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