Ecclesia In-Context Equipping

Fulfilling our mandate to be an Equipping network…

In an effort to increase our ability to equip churches and their leadership we’re adding to our menu of ad hoc regional events the possibility of trained, experienced Ecclesia leaders coming directly to churches to resource and enrich them.

Email Bob for more information and for costs associated with each training


Here’s are some current offerings:

Spiritual Formation for Leaders and Teams

A day long session for your community’s leaders which focuses on helping them gain an understanding of how God forms us, see the strengths they already have, view the challenges in their individual and corporate life through the grid of formation and the skills God would like to build through those challenges, and finally the new strengths/Christlikeness God is working to lead them towards.

We start with some formational prayer, move on to stages of formation as envisioned by Richard Rohr, the difference between the managed life and the forming life and then finally to individual and then corporate strengths/skills assessments as we discover together what God is up to in our midst.

Facilitator: Bob Hyatt



Elder Team Training

Coming out of their book Eldership and the Mission of God: Equipping Teams for Faithful Church Leadership, we have content and exercises for a one-day or one evening/one day intensive that helps Elder teams, especially those in new churches, get grounded in their work together, their relationships as a “community-within-a-community” and in all the myriad difficulties they will face or are facing together. The emphasis is on team health and mission-orientation.

Facilitator(s): J.R. Briggs, Bob Hyatt or both together




Core Team Trainings

As an adjunct to our Church Planter’s training, we offer a Core Team training in which we walk core teams through much of the incarnational Ecclesiology, missionary church and theological foundations/foundational practices we present in the Church Planters training. Invaluable for helping your core team ground what they are doing in the mission of God and understand both the what and the why of planting a missional church.

Facilitator: Bob Hyatt, J.R. Briggs, Chris Backert



Discipleship Training

Using the materials of 3DM and others, we’ll take your leaders through the basics of creating a culture of discipleship, using huddles/small group discipleship and multiplying leaders. Practical, full of best-practice ideas, and applicable in any context.

Facilitator:  Bob Hyatt




Children’s Ministry Training

Even more than discipleship, this is the issue we hear most churches asking about. We offer a day-long training to help your leadership team reflect on the theological and practical foundations for building and sustaining your children’s ministry, inspire innovation, and provide coaching for specific concerns facing your community.  

Facilitator: Cyd Holsclaw


 What others are Saying

“What I appreciated most was having a trusted, objective leader speak into the challenges and opportunities facing our community. Many of the things you shared about spiritual formation fit perfectly with what we’ve been teaching for years, but hearing it from a fresh outside voice lent credibility and weight to the centrality of formation and discipleship in our mission. It was also very affirming to hear someone tell us that our challenges are “good challenges” and to be encouraged that we’re struggling with the right things.”


“Our day of Spiritual Formation with Bob helped our leadership dig some deep wells of character and calling that has generated great discussion and formative practices for us as a community.”


“We appreciated the assistance in instigating a conversation on Friday night about our struggle with transience.  You gave us an outside perspective on our problems and it was useful to know that we are not the only community that struggles with this issue.

On Saturday, I found the tools you introduced to be useful for introspection and to provide a lens for better understanding my own spiritual journey.  Overall, it was just concretely useful; for instance, I have heard several folks in our community repeat the “forming life” question as they process a difficult experience.”