Genesis Church Planters Training

Genesis is an annual church planting training that presents a theological and practical trajectory for missional church planting. Genesis is unique in comparison to other church planters training opportunities available.

  • First, there will not be hundreds of people here. More than likely, there will be somewhere between 15-25. This means plenty of room for dialog, conversation, and questions amidst all of the planned training.
  • Second, everyone stays, eats, and prays together for the week. Most people leave with better friendships, some of which will be life-long, because they started the church planting journey – in this way – together.
  • Third, there will be a host of different equippers with unique planting stories. This gathering (as in all we try to do) isn’t dominated by just a few individuals or models of church planting. You’ll hear from a variety of planters, both seasoned and new, and learn from their experiences and approaches.

Finally, we hope to provide a good balance of theology, theory, and practicality. Each component is vital.

Topics Covered:

  • Planting Missional Churches
  • Planting Equipping Churches
  • Staying Healthy While Planting
  • Developing a Philosophy of Discipleship
  • Incarnational Ecclessiology: Reading Your City
  • Developing Models & Approaches
  • Developing Your Team
  • Navigating Team Dynamics
  • Fundraising for Church Planting
  • Administrative & Legal Issues
  • Character and Competencies for Church Planting ….

You can listen to audio from our 2011 Training for free here. 


More info on/registration for THIS YEAR’S Genesis training here