Leadership Podcast

Casual conversations with seasoned church planters, leaders and practicioners in & around the Ecclesia Network

#5 Chris Backert

January 26, 2012

This month we talk with Chris Backert, the Organizational Architect of the Ecclesia Network and one of the main people behind Ecclesia being what it is today.  Your hosts John Chandler and Todd Hiestand talk with Chris about the following topics:

  • Ecclesia’s Story and how it all began
  • Why people are connecting to Ecclesia
  • Where Ecclesia is headed
  • Chris’ involvement with Fresh Expressions and the difference and similarities between church renewal and church planting. Read an article he wrote about Fresh Expressions here.
  • The development and description of the Missio Alliance
  • What Chris means by being a “quazi charismatic”
  • Books he’s reading and places to find him online

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