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Let God: Spiritual Conversations with François Fénelon- Winn Collier


Let God: Spiritual Conversations with François Fénelon by [Collier, Winn]

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Too many of us walk alone. What would it be like to have a wise spiritual mentor, a guide who has known years of joy and years of heartache, pen leisurely, poignant letters conversing with your most vexing questions on life, God and love?

In Let God: Spiritual Conversations with François Fénelon, we discover private correspondence between Fénelon (a French bishop under King Louis XIV) and Fénelon’s friends serving in the royal court. These letters offer penetrating, modern wisdom.

A pastor and spiritual pilgrim, Winn Collier longed for his own wise guide, an older spiritual director to listen to his story and tend to his questions. This journey led Winn to Fénelon where he encountered an old soul well acquainted with the ways of God and the ways of the human heart. Hoping others might have a similar encounter, Winn set out to return Fénelon’s letters to their original context: unhurried conversation and generous friendship.

Though the letters are musty, the questions are contemporary, and Fénelon’s replies reveal a sturdiness and depth that reaches into places of the soul, quiet corners that too often go entirely unnoticed. Those new to faith, those exploring faith – or those guiding others in faith – will find wisdom and joy tucked within these pages.

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