the Missio Alliance

The Ecclesia Network is working with several other seminaries, denominations, and networks to begin a new initiative called the Missio Alliance.

What is the Missio Alliance?

At a time when the Church is being reinvigorated and re-shaped by theology and practice, a new cadre of voices is coming together, crossing denominational, network, and seminary lines. Together, an increasing numbers of pastors, theologians, and other ministry leaders are working to cultivate opportunities to wrestle with significant theological and cultural issues of our day, provide practical support for leaders in the midst of our Post-Christianizing context, and join the Holy Spirit in a robust and hope-filled movement to see the Church catalyzed for faithful mission in North America.

Momentum is building for the work and Missio Alliance will be co-sponsoring a number of Ecclesia related gatherings this coming Fall. Currently, the Missio Alliance is housed as a ministry underneath the Ecclesia Network, but we are working towards organizing the initiative into it’s own 501c3.¬† In the future, if you want to receive updates directly about the Missio Alliance, you can head on over to the website and subscribe to the newsletter list:

Check out the Inaugural Missio Alliance Conference coming in April 2013.