Oct 17 – Dec 2, 2023

a Coaching Leader


About the Cohort

Learn to Lead
in a Whole New Way

Most ministry leaders know how to tell others what to do and how to do it (assign tasks), and they know how to hand things off to others and hope it gets done (delegate). However, there is a world of leadership in between, where we learn how to coach others as they learn, struggle, and grow; how to be a resource and not just a manager.

We will learn together and practice the skills of a coaching leader. In addition, we’ll explore and develop the basic mindset used in coaching and apply that mindset and those skills to the local church setting.

Specific ministry areas explored:

  • small groups
  • volunteers
  • teams
  • elders
  • staff

Meet Our Becoming a Coaching Leader



Bob Hyatt

Ecclesia Staff and Equipper
After 25+ years in local church ministry, my focus has shifted to equipping and encouraging other leaders. My driving desire is to give them what I wish others had given me. I do this primarily through coaching other pastors and leaders, through serving as the Director of Equipping and Spiritual Formation for the Ecclesia Network, and now, through Transformational Coaching US! I have co-authored two books from IVP, Ministry Mantras and Eldership and the Mission of God. I have an MA in theology from Western Seminary and a DMin in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from Portland Seminary. My wife Amy and I were married in 2002, have three children (Jack, Jane, and Josie), a golden retriever (Bentley), a grey tabby cat (Girl Kevin), and a bunny (Steve). After planting a church in 2004 in Portland, OR, and pastoring it for 14 years, we moved to Boise, ID. Beyond my family and woodworking, my passions revolve around coaching other ministry leaders towards Jesus-focused success in ministry- success being defined not by numbers but by clarity around and achievement of personal, spiritual, and ministry goals.

Cyd Holsclaw

Through coaching and spiritual direction, I depend on the Holy Spirit to reveal desires, expose roadblocks, and inspire deeper and fuller life in whatever context you’re rooted in. My love for transformational coaching comes directly from my own experience as I would have never discerned my own calling into ministry without a combination of spiritual direction and coaching. I have served in various vocations throughout my life ranging from working the line in a factory to guiding outdoor adventures to administering a foundation to event planning. But I eventually said “yes” to a life of vocational ministry in my early 30s and have been involved with church leadership teams ever since. I’m currently pastoring at Vineyard North Church in Grand Rapids, MI where I spend most of my energy facilitating opportunities for spiritual formation and leadership development. I’ve been married to Geoff for 21 years and have two incredible sons, Soren and Tennyson, who are getting ready to launch into adulthood. I coach both independently and with several networks as well as offer spiritual direction. Geoff & I co-authored Does God Really Like Me? Discovering the God Who Wants to be With Us.

becoming a coaching leader


Thursdays, 1:30pmET-3:00pmET

Oct 17, 2023 – Dec 2 29, 2023


Weekly Sessions

Eight 1.5 Hour Sessions w/ our Equippers

Regular Coaching Demonstrations



Weekly Peer Coaching

Regular Breakout Discussions



3+ Hours of Coaching practice supervised by a trainer

Access to online coaching, leadership, and spiritual formation resources



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