Emerging Leaders Cohort

Second Tuesdays: Oct 11th, 2022- May 9th, 2023

12:30pm-2pm ET


Over this past season, the Ecclesia staff has heard of a need among our network churches to develop emerging leaders. As our churches grow, mature, and stabilize, there is a strategic opportunity for equipping the next wave of our churches’ leaders and pastors.

Emerging Ecclesia leaders are those who are, in all likelihood, in their first decade of ministry. While they have some ministry experience, they most likely have not held the lion's share of responsibility within a local church context. For example, they may not have officiated many weddings, presided over funerals, or preached the bulk of sermons in a given year. But they have a growing sense that one day, by the call of God and the affirmation of others, that they may be in more official and more influential responsibilities in the years to come.

In this generative season in the life of our Ecclesia churches, we believe the season of “in-between” for young leaders is one of the most strategic times to invest in their leadership and ministry. While we know - and healthily expect - mentoring, equipping, and discipling to take place within a local church context, we also know a network-wide investment would add additional strength, reinforcement, and perspective. This local-national hybrid allows for a greater breadth and range of equipping, as well as the forging of relationships with other emerging leaders across the network. Therefore, we envision this network-wide opportunity to include a wide variety of our churches participating, sponsoring, and encouraging these next generation of leaders to participate.

Who is this for?

Young/emerging leaders (5 years or more of formal leadership/ministry experience but who are under the age of 35) who desire to participate in mission-oriented leadership and pastoral development.

Length of time:  Monthly 90-minute online sessions via Zoom (60-75 mins of content, with 15-30 mins of questions, discussion, and interaction).

When: The second Tuesday of every month (Oct 2022 - May 2023) from 12:30pm-2:00pm Eastern.

Topics will include... 

  • What is ministry?
  • Discipleship 101: learning followership first
  • Big-picture vision of God’s mission, ministry, confidence in the gospel’s message and power
  • Pastoral/leadership rhythms and pace for long haul, avoiding ministry landmines and steering clear of errors
  • Developing/communicating vision
  • How to pray; cultivating a culture of prayer in your church
  • Proclaiming the gospel effectively in a post-Christian context
  • Navigating the human sexuality issue with wisdom, truth, and compassion


  • J.R. Briggs
  • Chris Backert
  • Jim Pace
  • Mia Chang
  • Bob Hyatt
  • Norton Herbst
  • Aaron Graham
  • & others

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