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Ecclesia is a relational network of churches and leaders seeking to equip, partner, and multiply missional congregations.  Affiliation in Ecclesia is available to both congregations, organizations, and individual leaders as we recognize that each participant brings unique gifts to our mission of re-evangelizing North America with the good news of Jesus Christ.  We recognize that often individuals who resonate with the mission and ministry of Ecclesia will be in ministry contexts that are not ready for congregational or organizational affiliation.  Yet, we value and welcome each individual engagement with Ecclesia. 

Individual leaders who wish to affiliate with Ecclesia must be in joyful harmony with our theological ethos, as expressed in our Affirmation of Faith.  Our affirmation of faith is deeply informed by the historic Creeds (Apostles, Nicene) as well as the contemporary expression found in the Capetown Commitment of the Lausanne Congress of 2010. 

There are also benefits similar to congregational affiliation that are extended to individual leaders.  These include the following:

    • A 10% discount on coaching offered through the Ecclesia Network
    • A 10% discount on registration for Ecclesia Network events & trainings
    • A 10% discount on organizational/local church consultations for whom the individual leader is affiliated.
    • The ability to participate in an Ecclesia Leaders Circle and invitation to other exclusive Ecclesia Network gatherings.

In time we intend for more benefits to be established for individual leaders affiliated with Ecclesia. 

For member churches, we ask for a giving commitment of 2% of annual budget as a way to support the work of the network. For individual affiliation, we are asking for $249 annually.

Individuals interested in joining the Ecclesia Network should fill out this online application and then a subsequent interview will be scheduled. 


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Ecclesia exists to partner with, equip and multiply missional churches and leaders

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