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#29 – Chris Breslin

Rev. Chris Breslin is the proud husband to Rachel, dad and jungle gym to Noa June (2011) & Titus Eliot (2013), and Emett Ruth (2015). He pastors Oak Church which was planted in the Lakewood neighborhood of Durham, NC in fall 2014 “for the display of the Lord’s beauty.” A native Floridian, Chris moved to Durham in 2006. He later graduated in 2011 from Duke Divinity School with an MDiv. He irregularly contributes to the blog Hopeful Realism. He doesn’t so much enjoy writing, as having written, and he’s written for online publications like Christianity Today, Missio Alliance, Relevant Magazine, Transpositions, & the Blue Indian. He is also the creative director and shipping assistant for Rach’s thriving cottage-industrial venture, Bullpin Apparel. He enjoys reading and learning about intersections between theology and the arts, tending his small flock of chickens named after pop divas, adding to his vinyl music collection, following FSU football, Bulls baseball, and Duke hoops.

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