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Church & Movement Multiplication

Consistent with our values, we believe that multiplying missional congregations is the foremost priority for a church network.  Our goal as a network is to support one another in the process of establishing imaginative gospel communities both locally and globally.  We work with new churches striving to become established and we work with existing congregations striving to plant fresh expressions.  Ecclesia provides training and immersion experiences for new church planters, equipping opportunities for wider church planting launch teams, assessments for prospective planters, and ongoing coaching for new church starts.

We believe that one of the primary values of a network in our flat world is to become a conduit for cooperation between churches both locally and globally.  Instead of relying upon a denominational entity to orchestrate training, equipping, and mission, we believe that networks provide the forum for churches to coach and support one another.  We also believe that collections of churches on a common mission should collaborate amongst one another in areas of church planting, ministry innovation, and missional enterprises (businesses developed for the sake of kingdom work).  Our goal as a network is to develop these relationships and partnerships and then move to a supportive role while partnering congregations take the lead.


Glocal Church Partnerships


Congregational Coaching & Assessment

Ecclesia believes that outside input is a necessity for congregational vitality as we walk forward in a new century.  Through the network, we seek to provide an array of resources and leaders that are able to help fellow congregations towards missional health.  Our role is to create space for churches to access the expertise of a variety of leaders according to their own needs and developmental stages.  These leaders should be from a wide variety of congregations and should comprise both generalists and specialists in areas of congregational life and mission.

One of the primary reasons that Ecclesia was started was due to the consistent loneliness among those involved in crafting fresh expressions of church.  Often, even if a church found itself within a denomination, by and large they were functionally alone.  We believe that the leadership challenges of ministry in our shifting world are as daunting as ever – and we need brothers and sisters to journey with us along the way – challenging us in areas of character, theology, and ministry philosophy.  Furthermore, we need to develop common networks of ministry philosophy so that churches have greater ease in finding new staff and new planters.


Trans-local Community


Mutual Equipping

We believe that in this new day of ministry, the answers to the challenges of today and tomorrow will be discovered and developed by practitioners on the experimental frontlines of ministry.  In this spirit, Ecclesia attempts to create structures and environments where practitioners can provide the input they are seeking to and from one another.  This input should extend beyond advice on ministry philosophy, but also to the areas of spiritual formation and theology.  Over time, we envision the development of resources from churches and leaders for use by other churches and leaders and the development of several “teaching” churches that cover the gamut of ministry issues.

Though young, Ecclesia is a growing network of churches comprised of new church starts and established congregations seeking community along the missional journey.  The team focused on network expansion follows-up on inquiries made through the relational web of the network and helps facilitate connections between those seeking to be involved with Ecclesia and those established within the network in order to ensure a consistency of values among those involved.  In addition, this team of people functions as a “scout” for churches within the network to identify high-potential leaders outside of local congregational circles.



Network Expansion


About Us

Ecclesia exists to partner with, equip and multiply missional churches and leaders

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