Our vision


What if...

What if there was a community of entrepreneurial, creative churches and leaders who were on a collective mission to revolutionize the church and to reach our post-Christian culture?  What if we had a glocal family of committed friends who were traveling the uncertain path of ministry together?  What if that family provided a network of shared resources and ideas for ministry in this new context?

Wouldn’t you at least be intrigued?

What if that network valued risk and innovation?  What if that network provided a supportive community for new church starts in various forms and an empowering environment for the renewal of declining churches?  What if that network spanned across denominations aligning churches based upon a common mission?  What if that network was both rooted in the scriptures, embracing of the past, and engaging with the realities of the future?

This is our dream – welcome to Ecclesia!


About Us

Ecclesia exists to partner with, equip and multiply missional churches and leaders

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