Ecclesia is a relational network that seeks to partner with, equip and multiply missional churches.


June 24, 2015

Recognizing Newly Ordained & Commissioned Leaders Within the Network

At our annual gathering a few weeks ago we were delighted to celebrate a number of ordinations and commissionings that have taken place throughout the network this past year. Within Ecclesia we like to say that these significant events are best “locally coordinated and conducted – regionally involved and affirmed – and nationally celebrated and […]

June 23, 2015

Recipients of the Inaugural Perseverance Award Announced!

On Friday night during our Ecclesia National Gathering  2015 celebration dinner, a new award was announced to honor the faithfulness of those who have persevered in the hard work of church planting. Often we see two realities in the world of missional planting. The first is that a new congregation is planted and given a […]