At Ecclesia, we offer a number of different training opportunities for church plant teams, pastors and lay leaders. In each of these training venues our goal is to maintain a small size that ensures the maximum possibility for relational connection (in other words, space fills us fast!). Our trainers are almost always "in-network" pastors and leaders who are in the trenches doing Kingdom work themselves.

Church Assessments

Ecclesia believes that outside input is a necessity for congregational vitality as we walk forward in a new century. Through the network, we seek to provide an array of resources and leaders that are able to help fellow congregations towards missional health. Our role is to create space for churches to access the expertise of […]


The Ecclesia Network Coaching System Coaching provides leaders with ongoing purposeful conversations around church and ministry leadership over a longer period of time in order to ask the question, “What is the Holy Spirit’s intent with me and our ministry context?”   Why coaching? Starting, leading, serving and guiding churches on mission can be fulfilling […]

Ecclesia In-Context Equipping

Fulfilling our mandate to be an Equipping network… In an effort to increase our ability to equip churches and their leadership we’re adding to our menu of ad hoc regional events the possibility of trained, experienced Ecclesia leaders coming directly to churches to resource and enrich them. Email Bob for more information and for costs […]

Fundraising Training

Theological and Practical Training in Raising Support for Your Mission. This intense training time is design to give you theological confidence and practical training in developing a ministry partner team so that you can be fully funded to fulfill the vision that God has given you. Training Goals: Theological Grounding for Support Raising Gaining a Positive […]

Genesis Church Planters Training

Genesis is an annual church planting training that presents a theological and practical trajectory for missional church planting. Genesis is unique in comparison to other church planters training opportunities available. First, there will not be hundreds of people here. More than likely, there will be somewhere between 15-25. This means plenty of room for dialog, conversation, […]

Leader’s Circles

Leader’s Circles are monthly calls with Ecclesia pastors and one of our Equippers. The purpose is to connect, encourage and equip our pastors thru mutual support and learning together. If you are interested in learning more, email either Bob Hyatt or J.R. Briggs for more info.

The Ecclesia National Gathering

Our annual National Gathering is our largest event that is focused on theologically robust, practical training. These gatherings include large gatherings, smaller learning opportunities and a lot of time for more intimate conversations and relationship building.  Some of the main speakers in the past have been: Alan Hirsch, David Fitch, Darrell Guder, Mike Breen, and […]